I woke up this morning for the first time in almost eleven months with a compulsive need to write. What happens when a writer stops writing? Well, it appears life keeps happening anyways. While I haven’t written a word in all those long months it has been even longer than that since I have written about church. Originally this was one of the main reasons I started a blog – to share my hurt and shame and pain after our family broke up with church. So, what did I wake up this morning wanting to compulsively write about? Toxic soul patterns and church. When itRead More →

I am a feminist because I grew up in the church I am a feminist because growing up in the Evangelical Christian church I never knew a woman could lead in those walls. A woman preaching, teaching, and being powerful from behind the pulpit weoccurrence occurence. Her place of leadership in the church was most often the nursery or children’s church, Sunday School teacher to women and children only; deaconess prepping the food; church secretary or choir director. I didn’t meet a woman pastor until I was in my 30s. As she blessed my children and served us communion on her own without a manRead More →

What happens when women tell the truth? What is the right way for women to say they are not OK? When is the right time for a woman to stand up and say, “This behavior, belief, attitude, or rule is wrong?” Because what I am hearing many people say is – a protest right here and right now is ridiculous and too much? And a woman with a microphone or a sign you don’t agree with – is over the top? Because wearing a vagina costume or a pussy hat is obscene? And a woman calling herself “nasty” in rebuke of a MAN in authorityRead More →

I wonder if she told the truth would we really listen? Would we understand the life she’s lived or see only her choices? Her choice to marry a man of means. Because she had a child with a man of power. Her choice to tell us – she is strong. I wonder if she told the truth would we really listen? Would we ask her what she wore? Or how much she had to drink? Perhaps we would even wonder what right she had to go there? What was she doing out with him? Did she really fight back or tell him “NO?” Didn’t sheRead More →

I believe we begin to love the life we’ve been given when we start to own the roles we have played, tell the truth about where we have wandered and what we have known, and stop apologizing for the voice we have uncovered in the process. There’s only one problem: what happens when you tell family secrets? I Told the Truth. She Hated Me For It. One time when I was a little girl I told the truth. Sitting in a classroom surrounded by people I trusted I had a grand epiphany. Well, at least it was a grand epiphany to my young heart andRead More →

Now that we have stepped fully into the new year are you feeling overwhelmed by 2017 yet? How is the road rising to meet you? This year I am setting goals and priorities. I am making lists, laying out my needs and wants, and mapping out how I would like the year ahead to go. I am completely aware of all my desires, emotions, and dreams in the present while leaving room for contingencies to the plan because LIFE. It feels good to be super-focused on moving forward in several key life areas. What about you? How are you feeling? Do you need some help?Read More →

This post contains several AFFILIATE LINKS – which help to support this site. What follows is my January 2017 reading list. What you will find are books on productivity, motivation, writing, navigating social media, and how to understand and attract your ideal client. I may not finish all of these books this month, but these are on my list. Currently on my Kindle: Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam M. Grant, Ph.D. – The author is a researcher with a degree in Organizational Psychology so this book is right up my alley. From Amazon: “For generations, we have focused onRead More →

(Help Support this site – this post contains ONE Amazon affiliate link) Wow! I cannot believe I am finally writing January 1, 2017 across the screen. Taking a deep sigh into the new year. Years seem to go so much faster as you get older. As a child, this was never the case – everything seemed to go so slowly (are we there yet?!). But now that I am on the upward climb to 40 the whole wide world and life seems to race passed at a speed I can never catch. So, I am going to stop trying. My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions? StopRead More →

It was not the hardest year I have ever known. There have been plenty of those, but it feels like a year of significant losses. Where did it go? This year? All the seasons? I feel it – the hard sigh after an exhausting undertaking. 2016 for many of us was a difficult undertaking. It wasn’t simply because so many icons from our childhood passed away or because a horrid man was elected president, but what we uncovered about ourselves and the people around us which left us feeling broken open and bleeding out. There were many things we had to push through, redefine, andRead More →

If you’ve been around this blog block for any amount of time you know I love books. I am adamant about raising readers. The best way to raise readers is for them to see a you reading. This year was the year of feminism and creativity, thinking broad and focusing my writing. It was the year of discovering great stories and great books. Here are a few of my my favorite 2016 books. My Favorite 2016 Books (AFFILIATE LINKS FOLLOW – see disclosure and help support this site) Memoir Paul Kalanithi – “When Breath Becomes Air” – Powerful. Keep a tissue handy. Mary Karr –Read More →