A Love Letter to My Niece on her Birth-Day

Today the sun is shining and the world is beautiful. It is the perfect day for bringing a baby into the world. There is something about sunshine and all the colors of spring that makes having a baby seem like a natural part of celebrating the season’s change. New life. Resurrection. Fresh skin and brand new everything. My younger brother and my sister-in-love welcomed a baby girl this morning. She is my first niece on my side of the family (he is my only sibling).

For the longest time my hubby and I were the only ones making and having babies so it is exciting to watch a new family growing and becoming one together. I love families. Have I mentioned how I am for families?

Because I have a love affair with words here is a love letter to my niece on her birth-day.

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Dearest Baby Girl,

First of all let me introduce myself… I am your crazy aunt. Your daddy’s big sister. The mommy to all those funny, wonderful cousins. I am the lady who spins words and tells the truth, who can be loud and dramatic and loving.

Welcome to our world and family and to life.

Today you took your first breath. You were born to parents who worried and planned and anticipated your arrival. They rejoiced when you came safe and sound in bright pink flesh with a head full of hair. You rushed into the world as your family anxiously waited, a family knotted together when your dad and mom spoke vows before God. Two families so different from one another, but so much the same in their celebration and love of you before you were even born.

So welcome little girl, welcome.

Before we get too far I think I should warn you about your daddy – he’s going to be easily wound around your little fingers. As you quiver your lower lip, make a fist and grab his index finger he is going to be smitten. And there is no going back for a daddy once he’s been smitten. All the things he thought he could not do, and all the things he thought he knew will not matter anymore. He will move heaven, earth, and even hell to be near you and to love you and to make sure you are safely held.

I can tell you this because I know the kind of men he comes from… I know what it is to be safely held.

I remember all the years your daddy lived praying for healing and a family of his own. His life is proof that God hears our prayers, binds our wounds, sets us on our feet, gives us the steady prayers and hands of those who love us, and brings into our lives the very people we need to teach us how to live life more fully alive.

I remember kneeling in the aisle at your mom and dad’s wedding last year taking photos as they spoke their vows and Pappap prayed over their union. They came together forming one new family – fresh and blessed by God.

I remember weeping and rejoicing because it was another life love lesson example: God is FOR us.

  • He is for your mom and dad.
  • He is for their marriage.
  • He is FOR the family they are becoming.
  • And little one – God is FOR you.

He loves you immensely.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love…” (Jeremiah 31:3b NASB)

He is FOR the life in you.

He is FOR the life you will live.

I pray as we watch you grow that we can be a family who is for you no matter what comes, no matter who you look like, or who you sound like, whether you have blue eyes, or hazel eyes, no matter where you wander or what you have to say. Even if you think we are a little bit weird (OK we are a lot weird). Remember that you are immensely loved by all these wonderfully unique people.

Right now all you need to be concerned with is snuggling mommy and daddy.

Growing big and strong.

Let your big sister hold you tight.

Let family and friends fawn all over your preciousness.

And we who bear witness and celebrate this day will do the praying and wondering and worrying and hoping.

You are loved.

I can’t wait to sit on Grammy’s front porch swing with you.

All my Love,

Aunt Jessica

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