Finding the Power in Your Story

She wrote about her “experience qualifying for the Olympic marathon trials” and I think of her strength often. Kristen, the marathon runner, told this story years ago, but I can not get her thoughts out of my head. Little did she know that by telling her own journey she was helping me find the power in my journey.

Like all the good narratives her race helped me uncover pieces of my own story.

Because Finding the power in YOUR story is central to your becoming.


The Runner tells us about Will – the man who was the pace setter for her race. He set the pace so that they could run the race in an exact amount of time meeting or coming below the qualifying limit.

“He was responsible for helping us not go out too fast or back off too much on the hills. He was our leader.”

And despite losing a shoe early on in the race and having to speed to catch up to Will and the main pack again – she stayed right with Will the whole time.

He set the pace and she knew if she stayed in Will’s shadow she would make it… she would qualify.

stairs watermarked flairBut then she hit what runners call “the wall” – her calves cramped up and she had to stop.

With four miles to go she could not move.

“Just when I thought there was no way I was going to make it Will appeared. Since he had been one minute under the needed pace he had dropped back to pick up the stragglers who were on the cusp of qualifying. Will ran beside me for half a mile, talking to me, telling me I was going to make it, that I had less than one mile left. After a final word of encouragement he dropped even further back to help the women behind me.” (Kristen, 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier)

The pace setter came back to get her – and he helped her finish. He helped her qualify.

He provided the assist these racers needed to finish the race well.

Finding the Power in Your Story

alienated life jkmcguire correctI want to finish the race well.

Tweet This: I do not want to find myself two decades down the road alienated from my own life. I don’t want to fall in love with all the wrong things and in the process lose all the best things.

  • I am no guru, expert, life coach, spiritual director, or even a therapist.
  • I am not Yoda or the Dalai Lama or even Jesus Christ.
  • I am not the Holy Spirit, the Divine Whisperer,¬† or the Creator of the spinning galaxies.
  • I am ME – a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a writer, a God-hunter, a gratitude chaser, and a friend.

I have set a pace for my life that has been too fast and too slow. Often I have stopped altogether while I fiddled on the side of the road.

What I am is a messy human being who has found the power in my story.

And like all of us on the path – when you find something that you can not live without, you want to share that something with everyone.

I hope you will Join Me on the Journey…to finding the power in YOUR story.

Join the Journey,



*If you would like to read Kristen’s story for yourself follow this link.

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