Cribs and Baby Rhythms

Our world sped up and the ink ran dry. My body and heart went into growing a baby mode while my blog writing home went into maintenance mode. These are the types of seasons – anticipating cribs and baby rhythms – when you batten down the hatches. Growing a baby is the perfect time for keeping and growing close to one another as a family.

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We settled into our new home in the fall and went about unpacking our chaos into more rooms as we waited for new life to arrive. A few days before Thanksgiving we welcomed a new addition to our family… a bundle of pink and bliss and baby girl.

It was the most beautifully holy moment of my life – even with four pregnancies and deliveries before her. And wow did it hurt like hell.

I felt so strong and capable in that moment. This was labor and delivery number five. My motto after number three has been, “Just get me to the pushing.”

Tweet This: Pregnancy, Labor, & Delivery are empowering.

That morning surrounded by my midwife, a few nurses, and my Hubby – the lights turned down low – no cord, no lines, no drugs, it was me bearing down into this journey of laboring, I brought into this world a living, breathing soul.

Take a moment in that truth – people, we can bring forth life. The Creator of all things gives us the opportunity to journey with Him in creating flesh and growing life.

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She arrived all pink perfection instantly rooting open-mouthed on my face.

She sighed into my arms.

We had been waiting a long time to meet face to face.

We lay there naked together and I felt accomplished and content.

Motherhood becomes me. That’s not pride talking – that’s just knowing. Knowing what makes your heart leap and where the veil between heaven and earth is so thin.

(Tweet This) I felt cherished, seen, and held by a great, big God who is not too large to hold us in the midst of his expansiveness .

He who bends an ear – offers Joy as a gift wrapped in human flesh and all things wonderful.

We participate in awe and bow low humbled before the gift.

When you do the painful work of laboring, you bear down through the pain, and find an unspeakable knowing – JOY is coming.

lily pink watermarkedThis baby is beautiful!

She is all things delightful and amazing about making and growing and having babies. She affirmed in our lives what we know when no one else is watching – we are good parents.

This is something we do well: embrace, welcome, & love children.

I felt “in control” in those moments. As I told my anxious grandmother as she rushed Hubby and I out the door in the middle of the night after my water broke at home, “Gram, this is what I do. The laboring and the pushing – this is what I do well.”

BUT the aftermath, the rushing to the ER two weeks later – that is what sent me spinning.

It is the things we do not anticipate that can derail everything.

Life is never going to be the same. Each breath is never going to feel the same.

Every time I look at her – every time I remember the faces of my people…

I’ve been marked.

And I don’t know how to walk out this part of it yet.

Join me on the Journey,


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