The Promise of Resurrection

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“Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, -not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” (Martin Luther)

Our new home’s landscaping was overrun. The house had been without a permanent occupant for a long time and so the bushes had taken over and the ivy was everywhere. You could not get the cars into the driveway without a branch scrapping against the metal.

In the week leading up to the delivery of Baby Bliss my grandparents came to stay and to wait…(wow did that baby make us wait). During the waiting my grandfather set about helping us clean up what had been left to wild for far too long.

He cleared out, pruned back, pulled up by the roots, and bagged up all the overgrown places in our yard.

We would have to wait and see what would return after the long winter.

And so we waited.

In the waiting we learned a few lessons about how life cycles, how close death is every single day, and what it means to live the in-between days.

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Slowly over the past month life has begun to return to all the barren places.

What had lain dormant now has buds. Life is blooming.

There is a promise of resurrection found in springtime.

As I sit on The Front Porch of my home the dogwood tree in the front yard begins to show how magnificent her colors can be.

During winter we wondered: this tree that all the neighborhood kids like to climb, will she bloom? What will her colors be: white or pink or dark?

And then it begins to happen – her blossoms show. She does bloom.

And it is beautiful.

She shows up dark pink and glorious and I am in awe of the seemingly barren places now abundant with LIFE.

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There is a secret that the seasons hold. And spring is the biggest showoff. She reminds us of it every year like clockwork. There is promise to be found in springtime. She gives us a glimpse of Resurrection. The places that were once barren are now overflowing with LIFE.

While she slept the winter away- the world kept spinning and cycling through.

And as the globe tips the once seemingly dead places are abundantly ripe with life again.

It gives me hope for the barren places in me.

  • It gives me hope for the barren places in this city in which I live.
  • It gives me hope for the barren places within the church.
  • It gives me hope for the barren places inside all the people I know.

It gives me confidence that resurrection can and does happen…

But not when we try to rush it.

And certainly NOT when we try to shout loudly at it to, “Hurry UP!”

Our frustration at the seeming slowness of life’s movement – does not make it go any faster.

Our frustration at not receiving resurrection when we want it and when we demand it – does not force life to flow again.

We can shout and holler and even riot and rage at her – but resurrection has a way of happening in its own time and in its own way.

And on its own terms

And the worst part?

We don’t get much say when the in-between ends and the new life begins.

We have to wait for it!

We can plant the seeds, prune the tree, cut back the dead places… but in the end only time and spring will tell if there was any life left to resurrect.

This is the promise revealed in springtime – that resurrection can and will happen.

“Now we live with great expectation…” (1 Peter 1:3)

Do you live with an expectation of Resurrection?

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