Living the Miracle

I woke up this morning. In my parents’ house with the predawn cool making my dead lung tissue hitch tight inside of me, I face another morning. As the birds pick up a sunrise chorus and the wind whips the wind chimes hanging from the front porch, I am awoken by this familiar symphony of a summer morning.¬† Even as my lung tissue constricts and pounds in my back – even as I take a breath and the pain stabs deep I have the opportunity to participate in living.

Waking up is a miracle. Every single day I am living the miracle.

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She was dying of cancer. We read her words and wondered how quickly the end would come. Even with death hanging over her she was daily living the miracle. It brings tears to my eyes even now as I remember her words and her death from the deep places.

Every single day we get to live the miracle – the miracle of life.

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The miracle of life may begin in the womb of women, but it doesn’t stop there.

The womb is just the beginning.

The miracle of life is birthed into the world every single second of every single day.

The miracle of life is something we create and participate in every time we wake up into a new day.

The miracle of life is the seconds that have been given to us. It is all the days in front of us.

No matter how big or small our infinities.

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The potential for new life is found not only when a man and woman come together, but every time we choose to celebrate the who, what, why, and hows we have been given.

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That requires a daily turning towards…a daily seeking.

It requires a daily choice of intentionality to live the miracle.

You have the opportunity to create life daily.

when life give you lemons make miracles jkmcguire

When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Miracles

She wrote those words, “You are a miracle” on a card as I lay recovering… as I lay surviving.

I didn’t feel like a miracle. But I felt the hurt of being alive.

I felt the hurt of surviving, the pain of recovery. I felt the sting of death.

Even in pain and suffering we daily get to live the miracle.

Every breath is a miracle.

You can spend all your days wasting it – the miracle of being – focused inward on the things that physically and emotionally hurt, being bound by the ache wherever it may be found within you.

You can live focused and consumed by the hurt that comes from the outside – the consequences of living life beside and among hurting people.

Or you can make a choose to embrace the miracle – the miracle of having one more second, one more minute, one more hour of one more day of one more week of one more month of one more year.

You embrace the miracle by being consciously and intentionally present in the now.

I think some of us spend too much of our time chasing miracle cures for the physical, emotional, spiritual pains that ail us while turning our faces away from the very gift we are given every time we get to wake up in the morning.

You can spend all your life chasing the miraculous and miss the miracles that lay all around your life.

the miracle found in:

another sunrise

geese flight sunrise watermarked

another sunset

sunset watermarked

another season

three season collage

The beauty found in laughing till you are gasping to catch a breath.

Beauty in another gathering of friends and family.

Beauty in having plenty and that moment you discover you have always had enough.

There is a miraculous life found in the road trip you’ve been living.

You are the one who gets to decide how or if you are going to see life for what it is – a miracle – or if you will continue to live with tunnel vision.

tunnel jkmcguire

Let me tell you a truth: when the physical pain roars or the emotional hurt threatens to swallow you whole or the gaping loneliness attempts to overflow and flood you – you do have an option.

Every single day you wake up is a miracle. And all of life is a gift.

When we learn to see life that way – seeing the miracles around every corner- then the broken places inside and outside of us do not hold as much weight.

May you come to know and experience life as the gift that keeps on giving miracles.

Live the Miracle,


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