Owning Your Story

This is 31 Conversations from the front porch day 8…. you can find the rest of the series here.

31 conversations from the front porch with jkmcguire

Day 8: Owning Your Story

I am not sure when it is that I fell in love with the story I am living, but somewhere along this path I have chosen I discovered I am in love. I am in love with the tale I have been given to write with my life. And like God at the end of the Creation narrative I am finding the story I am living not only good, but very good indeed.

I have not always felt that way – that my life is good enough… that I am good enough.

Once upon a time when I was still living beneath the consequences of listening to all those shouting voices – I believed that I had no value. That my worth was determined by how much certain people approved of me or liked me, or what grand applause they had to offer my endeavors.

And then the applause stopped – and they threw more vegetables and garbage then anything else.

Those voices had been constantly trying to pick my bones dry…and I hadn’t even been aware.

And I realized that I am not garbage.

The story I am living is not garbage.

It didn’t simply dawn on me one afternoon that I was OK and good.

But over time I discovered my worth. I found the value in being me.

I found deep riches in living the story I have been given to live.

there is not much toxicity you will allow in your life jkmcguire

My life is not an accident – neither is yours.

My life is overflowing with potential and purpose and LIFE.

And so is yours.

Falling in love with life took a lot of silence, many prayers, and tons of spilled ink on pages. It took cramping hands and long nights behind a screen to find my voice.

It took setting boundaries – establishing them with myself and with others. It took being aware of what and who I would allow to speak into my life, who gets access and who does not.

I took growing a backbone and finding my truth. It took me NO LONGER denying people’s intentions towards me. When I was being used and when I was genuinely wanted and loved.

Ever since I found my very own story – there really has been no stopping where life will lead me.

I think when you find your worth and your story and YOU OWN THEM – you become a force to be reckoned with in this world.

There is no stopping where you can go.

There is NOT much toxicity you are willing to allow into your life when you understand how deep, how wide, how high is the love of the One who made you and created you for purposefully, good things.

It has opened my eyes to this great expansive life before my children – before myself – before my husband and before our family.

I have been given the opportunity to breathe into a very good life – and I intend to do just that…. breathe.

dr seuss quote be who you are



“…We must also remember that our worthiness, that core belief that we are enough, comes only when we live inside our story. We either own our stories (even the messy ones), or we stand outside of them – denying our vulnerabilities and imperfections, orphaning the parts of us that don’t fit in with who/what we think we’re supposed to be, and hustling for other people’s arrival of our worthiness” (Brené Brown, Daring Greatly).

Thoughts: We all have life themes that we live under – for some people that is the word liar, fake, stupid, or ugly. Other themes you might have had to overcome are overweight, beautiful, not good enough, smart, lost, stubborn, and more. Can you see your life’s theme? Can you see which pieces of that theme are a lie? Can you see the truth? Have you allowed untruthful themes to define your life? How can you break away from them and grasp the truth?


  • What story does your life tell?
  • What themes can you pick from your life? Are the themes you see good? Not so great?
  • What names would you give those themes?
  • What steps can you take to love your life? Do you know how much you are worth?
  • Do you know the ONE who gives you worth? Who speaks into you your value?
  • “He has made everything beautiful and appropriate in its time. He has also planted eternity (a sense of divine purpose) in the human heart [a mysterious longing which nothing under the sun can satisfy, except God] – yet man cannot find out (comprehend, grasp) what God has done [His overall plan] from the beginning to the end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11 AMP)

ecclesiastes 3 11 god has planted eternity in the human heart jkmcguire

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