A Letter To My (Newest) Niece on Her Birth-day

My first thoughts this morning as I rolled out of a warm bed into a frosty morning was that my sister-in-love and baby brother would be bringing a brand new baby girl into this world. And as I sat from my writing perch drinking coffee and waiting for the text message announcing her birth – I spun her this with words.

A Letter to My Newest Niece on Her Birth-day

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To my niece on your Birth-Day:

Welcome to our world little one. We have been waiting and anticipating with watchful, hope your arrival. It wasn’t that long ago that we got to celebrate your big sister’s arrival and now here we are celebrating you with wide, open hearts, lives, and arms. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

There are a few things I want to tell you about this world. First, we have a need for more women who are fierce. We have plenty all other kinds, but the fierce ones are difficult to find. So my prayer over you is that you would grow to be fierce.

I pray you would be fierce:

  • Fierce in love
  • Fierce in joy
  • Fierce in wisdom
  • Fierce in hope
  • Fierce in understanding

I pray that the foundation of your life would be a fierce love of God and a heart that follows after the things of Jesus. He is a great help and hope in all seasons and in all situations.

May He Keep You As the Apple of His Eye. (Psalm 17:8)

I pray that you would come to know how much you have been wanted and celebrated even before you were born. May you never doubt your parents’, siblings’, grandparents’, aunts’, uncles’, cousins’, great grandparents’ love for you. You were wanted before you were born and you are celebrated with joy… daily.

Here’s a little secret about your dad – he can be a jerk. Yep. He is going to tick you off (I can say these things because I’ve known him for a long time). It is simply the reality of having a dad. BUT his love for you is so deep – and from that love you will discover: loyalty, generosity, and a safe place at all times.

Here’s what I’ve learned about your mama – she is a fierce woman. She’ll show you the ropes. Lean into her – one day you’ll realize how much you needed her all along.

May we, your family, all be a safe place for you at all times and in every situation. You may look like us and act like us, but we fully celebrate all the ways that you will uniquely be YOU.

As you grow older some may lead you to believe you need a man in your life to be whole – let me be the first to tell you and we’ll start talking about this early from the front porch and along the way– YOU don’t need a man to be OK. No offense to guys they are great and wonderful to love. But frankly you should consider holding off on men for a very long time like say at least until you reach 30. The goal of life is not to go searching for love in all the wrong places, but to discover the love you have right where you are. You are not missing anything.

One of my favorite film/literary characters Glinda the Good Witch says, “You had the power all along my dear.”

Here is the secret to a good life: You have all the power you will ever need for your whole life long – inside of you – already. God put it there. It is His image and it is good.  I pray you learn that early: You are complete, whole, and beautiful all on your own. You are enough. You have everything you could ever need right inside this home and family and life you have been given.

You are loved.

Happy Birth-Day baby girl.

With Love,

Aunt Jessica

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