A Leap Year

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It’s a leap year. As the world spun into a new year with confetti, fireworks, and champagne – I stood out on the front porch in my pajamas with my husband and children listening to the neighbors celebrate. As they set off firework fountains in their front yards, and danced with sparklers in the darkness, as we shouted with excitement anticipating fresh starts and forward movement – I made a few resolutions. This is not normal for me. I don’t make new year’s goals. I choose a theme word and live in what that brings.

I don’t make resolutions that seem like one giant set up for failure and defeat.

But this is a leap year.

And I am looking to leap.

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What’s New?

This site and my online profiles are getting a massive overhaul. I am moving beyond and through the words. I am expanding. I am growing.

Growing up feels good.

Here’s the low-down: I got hit really hard over the Thanksgiving holiday last year. As in verbally, emotionally, and might I go so far as to say – spiritually abusive words – were sent slamming into my online, creative, work spaces.  It hurt. Those comments and emails meant to provoke a reaction… stung. That angry man needing to be heard? He vomited violently right into my creative work zone.

It was cruel, deliberately malicious, and attention seeking (new decade same shit).

I stepped back from all the words and all the angry accusations – these things that years later have NOT changed because this is what he does – and I MADE A RESOLUTION. Actually first I deleted the ugly, abusive comments and messages then I went and made a leaping resolution.

I resolved to no longer allow the filth that has cycled into my creative work spaces and life to continue. Enough is enough.

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I am tired of the blaming, shaming, using fear, and guilt and rage – being allowed to simply happen & to cycle once a year right into our home and my work – without those actions and words being called out for what they are: “CRUEL. FILTH. FAR FROM ENCOURAGING. EMOTIONALLY & SPIRITUALLY ABUSIVE.” aka we got an adult bully predator on the playground, ya’ll and he is NOT STOPPING.

So what does a writer, creative person do when their work zone & creative spaces are used by a bully to torment, hunt, stalk, shame, and harm you?

First – you don’t play victim. I am not a victim. You do have a choice. And you don’t need to get even. Because there is no winning at a bully’s game.


The best way to confront a bully – is to not confront a bully. The best way to feed a troll – is to not feed a troll. The best way to engage a bully – refuse to engage.

The best way to silence a raging maniac? CELEBRATE LIFE ANYWAYS!

You do your thing exactly the way you want to do it… to hell with the consequences.

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Leaping Lizards

This whole thing – after I finished second guessing my creative endeavors and the writing life – showed me that it is a good time for leaping. I am transitioning. I am looking at old ways and new ways of pursuing creativity, writing, photography, and celebrating life.

PEOPLE, I GET TO LIVE… and I desperately want to celebrate life. YOUR life. MY life. My kids’ lives. My husband’s life. My friends and family and the people we encounter everywhere we go.

I know after some longtime readers spoke up – that to quit writing altogether is not going to happen. I was discouraged, but I will not stop writing. I will not redact my story even if the bully man continues to rage. I will write. I will take photos. I will finish those two ebooks that have been sitting here waiting for me to get them done. I will share those with whoever wants to read them.

I will keep writing from the front porch…

BUT in the process I am going to focus on Celebrating life – mine and yours and ours – through building a business.

And I want to share that adventure with you – you who have been following along for a very long time you get to come with me on this one.

So in this fresh space you will find me transitioning…

There will be:

  1. Sunday Words from The Front Porch will continue
  2. More Images.
  3. More Creative Play & Adventure
  4. More Things we are doing to Feast, Celebrate Life, and LIVE
  5. MORE ME.

If you know me – you know that I actually have a pretty good sense of humor. I am fun. I don’t think that comes across on this site because I have moved into a role of always playing blocker to the angry entitled people in my life.

When you continually have to block attacks, delete aggression, and silently ignore the rage-filled manchildren who believe they have a right to every single part of you – you become something: defensive, hurt, angry, skeptical. That’s what I think my blog space has become far too often. I apologize for that – for being overly defensive and acting wounded.

I am not wounded. I am pissed at the audacity of some people – bully man you do not have the right to me, my life, my family, or my WORK SPACES. Take a freaking hint already. GROW UP!

I am not a victim. I do have a choice.

I CHOOSE LIFE. I CHOOSE TO CELEBRATE IT. AND I have a special finger for anyone who wants to get in the way of those things.

So I give you a new year – a year of jumping.

Because leap years are for leaping!

Join me?

Happy New Year.


p.s. be patient with my new site. Some of the links are not live yet. Others are missing. As I revamp, categorize, upload my portfolio and information it will be a bit like a construction zone. ♥

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