May 2016

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It has been 15 years since I graduated from college. Wow. This has me wondering what kinds of truths every graduate needs to hear as they are transitioning into new life adventures? What do they desperately need to hear from the “wise grownups” around them? What did I need to know about myself and the world that might have made the journey different? What words might inspire action, deep thought, and HOPE from those who have demonstrated HOPE with their very lives? The truth is young people buy what we are selling when we are actually living it.  Here is my list of Twelve TruthsRead More →

Three Ways to Bless Newlyweds… from a not so newly wed. This Christmas my husband and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage. We are on the uphill climb to turning 40 and celebrating 20 years together all at the same time. You could say that because we married young we have had the opportunity to grow up together. I have had the privilege of witnessing his becoming as a man, as he has watched my unraveling and rebuilding becoming as a woman. I can remember my own wedding day vividly – the chaos, the mayhem, the never ending opinions, the love, seeing his faceRead More →

“…Life is everywhere, hidden in the most ordinary and unlikely places.” (Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen) Last night I watched out the window as the boys jumped full-force with both feet into the mud puddles in our backyard. They laughed. They splashed disgusting water everywhere, soaking themselves, and covering everything around them in gross wet. I shook my head and told my inner “they are making a mess” critic to let them play. Later they came pouring onto the deck laughing and shoving each other, their boots leaking yard water all over the planks. I had them strip down to their undies – which in boy-listeningRead More →