Confronting My Church Wounds 11. Conservative Christian Women Support Trump


First, I do not think you are a moron if you have adamantly decided to vote for Donald Trump. You do not even have to be racist or misogynist or Islamophobic to hold to ideals you believe Trump represents. I mean, when you hitch your wagon to the Republican party no matter what I image it can be really difficult to untangle yourself without looking flaky or hypocritical. It can be hard to be wrong. Loyalty is an admirable quality.

After all the Republican party claims to be FOR a whole bunch of things Christians like.

I get it. Really I do. What I don’t understand however is HOW CAN Conservative Christian Women Support Donald Trump?

I don’t get how we can be so PROLIFE that no other issue matters to us.



If your single issue voting renders you so blind that you will vote Republican no matter what your candidate does and no matter who he is – we have a problem.

Who is going to be ABLE to hold Donald Trump accountable if his party voters are willing to vote for him no matter what he has done, no matter what he says, no matter who he alienates or bullies.

Who is going to be ABLE to hold him back and keep him bridled if even assaulting women is fair game? Not to mention all those other groups he has spent his whole candidacy alienating.

If he can get away with this – because he prayed and asked forgiveness – then what else is he going to be able to get away with once we hand him the most important position in our country?


The Evangelical Voting Bloc Scares Me

The MOB Mentality is a very real thing. It is a way of believing and moving with the group you belong to no matter how they act and no matter what they believe – even if they are perpetuating violence against others: examples – Nazi Germany, Hindu India vs. Muslim Pakistan, Rwanda, Sudan and the killing fields of Cambodia. Think American military movements we support no matter what because, “Go USA!” or being PRO Israel despite the oppressive manner in which they navigate all the nations and people around them.

The MOB reads all the same books and we listen to all the same religious leaders and we agree which leaders are dangerous and which ideas are evil and WE ALL VOTE THE SAME WAY TOO. YIPEE. Pillow fight!!

At what point does your values intersect with reality?

When does our faith take on flesh and become something fiercely its own – not just what the group represents as true?

What does it take for you to change positions, vote differently, see differently and live with a different mind?

At what point are you ABLE TO ADMIT YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYED THE FOOL AND WRONGED by your own political party and religious affiliations? I understand that this is true across the aisle as well. I am an Independent Voter – I do not align with any one side over the other across the board. My beliefs and ideals have shifted so extreme over the last decade I could never be all in with one group again.

However because I come from the Republican, conservative group think – I know what it is to be raised in an environment where your party is 100% backed by you no matter HOW they really are in the world or how they do their jobs and to applaud them as they obstruct the Democratic leadership at every turn.


I think somewhere in here we owe Obama an apology.

Right now we are willing to vote into presidential office a man who has perpetrated violence against women and brags about it. He is like the creep who comments or tweets to women under an anonymous name threatening to rape her. This is the reality for women holding public office every single day.

Honestly that sounds exactly like what Trump threatened to do to Hillary if he wins: Throw her in jail.

Watching how the conservative media, religious leaders, and GOP navigates Hillary Clinton is like watching a modern day witch hunt.

And we are the greedy, violent crowd begging for more blood while adding fuel to the fire.

It is hate so ingrained we don’t even recognize it.

Conservative Christian Women Support Trump?!

Donald Trump is right but instead of shooting someone with a gun – he could rape a woman in the middle of 5th avenue and his voters would still vote for him.

You can claim otherwise and say that is an unfair representation of his words, but is it?

We have audio of him boasting, “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything….Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.”

However he can do exactly what he wants to do to a woman – grope her without permission, grab her “pussy,” grab her breasts, force his tongue down her throat, make disgusting comments about her body, walk in on her undressing, stalk her across a debate stage, use his large body to oppress a woman’s body  and MORE …

But we are going to vote for him anyways! Because he represents a party that is PROLIFE, PROGUNS, PRO-US?



That’s the story and you are sticking to it?


Religious Leaders My Ass

When I hear religious leaders defend Trump – no matter what comes out of his mouth, and no matter who he manhandles… because they claim he prayed the sinners prayer and asked Jesus into his heart (does he have a heart?)–

I have a few questions:

  • Why is forgiveness and reconciliation only available to Republican Presidential candidates?
  • Why is one candidate’s sin against women, small business owners, minorities, and more plus his infidelity and fornication – able to be forgiven?

But Hillary Clinton’s real and false crimes are NOT?

  • How are you qualified to judge who can receive forgiveness?
  • What makes one presidential candidate more worthy of forgiveness over another – is it the penis?
  • Does being qualified to receive forgiveness and salvation require a penis and a GOP membership card?

how-far-is-trump-going-to-be-allowed-to-goWhere is your Line? When will he go too far?

When you defend his candidacy because he represents the party you have hitched your wagon to… no matter what he does, and no matter what they do –

  • This is what I hear “Does she have a man to verify the validity of her story?”

When women gather together and tell me that he is PROLIFE – we need to vote for him, murdering babies, Supreme Court Justice nomination blah blah blah…

  • This is what I hear, “How much did you drink? What were you wearing? Were you alone with him? What were you doing at that bar anyways?”

When you hear the voices of the women around you saying “Donald Trump’s presence and voice – his denials of misconduct – are triggering to me. I was raped and this is what my abuser did to me. He acts exactly like the kind of man who harmed me. I have known this kind of behavior my whole life.”

And you say to me, “Well he represents the prolife party I am not willing to negotiate on this.”

  • I hear – this is only an issue for me if it is my daughter, my mother, my sister, and my white body.

This is only an issue for you – if it has happened to you?

  • The excuses: “This is how men behave. This what they do. This is locker room talk” “Boys will be boys?”

don’t work for me because this was a 60 year old man at work..

Let’s get real about God for a minute.


Yes, God is on her throne. But God isn’t voting in November. You are. 

God isn’t a citizen of the United States of American or a member of the Republican party so let’s not blame Trump’s candidacy on God’s sovereignty. Let’s not shoot for the stars with hopes and dreams and special prayers that it’ll all work out in the end…

Are you willing to bet your children’s future on that wish?

That just smells like rot.

When we stand beside Trump – with a Bible in one hand and the unborn in the other – we are misrepresenting Jesus Christ.

I cannot take you seriously – that you are prolife and concerned about future generations when you can adamantly and unapologetically support a man who is a predator against women and children.

I just can’t take you seriously.

What can I do? What can I stomach?

Here’s the thing I know as a feminist, nonchurch attending, Evangelical drop out with a tendency to refer to god using all the pronouns even the feminine ones, who holds the scripture with an open hand compared to a closed fist, who has much to say about the Evangelical community and the abuses they have perpetuated on generations of children – I KNOW I MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE.

I know I make you angry. I know where I stand makes you shake your head and label me – all the words necessary to dismiss me, “Bitter Christian, unforgiving, heretic, that feminist…”

Thankfully I know who I am before God – and she finds me awesome. I know the value of my inheritance – and who decides what that entails.

I am OK coming with a warning label. I am finding all my favorite theologians, writers, historians, thinkers, feminists come with a warning label too. We have a club. So I am in good company.

But I have a vested interest in my children and the things they will inherit from me.

I cannot fix the world.

BUT I can right here in my home be an example to my children of what a strong women looks like. I can show them how we smash patriarchy one belief, one vote, one conversation at a time.

I can hug my kids, lean into my sons and daughters and talk to them about HOW we should speak about and to women, what my daughters should expect – demand of the men around them, what rights we have to our own bodies, and the permissions they need to receive to touch and love and speak.

And I can give them all of the examples of evil they need to know about to recognize it and combat it straight on when they encounter it.

Trump is an evil man. Therefore trying to claim anything more is to not see him for what and who he is.

It’s finally time to stop doubling down trying to make him something he is not.

Still Here,


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