February 2017

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I am a feminist because I grew up in the church I am a feminist because growing up in the Evangelical Christian church I never knew a woman could lead in those walls. A woman preaching, teaching, and being powerful from behind the pulpit weoccurrence occurence. Her place of leadership in the church was most often the nursery or children’s church, Sunday School teacher to women and children only; deaconess prepping the food; church secretary or choir director. I didn’t meet a woman pastor until I was in my 30s. As she blessed my children and served us communion on her own without a manRead More →

What happens when women tell the truth? What is the right way for women to say they are not OK? When is the right time for a woman to stand up and say, “This behavior, belief, attitude, or rule is wrong?” Because what I am hearing many people say is – a protest right here and right now is ridiculous and too much? And a woman with a microphone or a sign you don’t agree with – is over the top? Because wearing a vagina costume or a pussy hat is obscene? And a woman calling herself “nasty” in rebuke of a MAN in authorityRead More →

I wonder if she told the truth would we really listen? Would we understand the life she’s lived or see only her choices? Her choice to marry a man of means. Because she had a child with a man of power. Her choice to tell us – she is strong. I wonder if she told the truth would we really listen? Would we ask her what she wore? Or how much she had to drink? Perhaps we would even wonder what right she had to go there? What was she doing out with him? Did she really fight back or tell him “NO?” Didn’t sheRead More →