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Facts about STATS
This blog contains sitemeters and stat counters, meaning that visits are documented. This is a normal practice for websites and blogs. Sitemeters/Stat counters can contain: IP addresses, physical locations (state and city), page/post views, number of visits, type of computer used, browser, length of visit, search words, and more.

I tell you this because websites and blogs are not necessarily “anonymous”.  Some bloggers use stats to obtain advertising, sponsorship, or products to review from companies. Other bloggers use stats to determine which types of posts get the most views, which titles get the most search hits through search engines, or any variety of benign reasons.

HOWEVER, at no time will any of your private information be sold to third party sources. All email addresses, IP addresses, personal emails, etc. are kept in the strictest confidence unless written consent to disclose is given.

Financial Disclosure
This blog does contain affiliate links and advertising (Google Adsense, Amazon, Home Depot, etc). Which means that I receive a commission of all sales made from items recommended and linked to on this blog as well as ad placements. Should you wish to sponsor, advertise or send a product for review please feel free to send me an email.

All information displayed on this blog is for informational purposes only. The views expressed on this website are the sole responsibility of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the writer’s husband, children, mother, father, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, outlaws, etc.

This blog is my personal writings not the sum total of what I have written, but instead a sampling. It would be unwise to take what I have written here from my heart, wandering mind and emotional climate at the time of publication; and then assume that it is a barometer for my current state of being. Writing is a gestational process. As life has a tendency to grow and mature (some of us), so does writing. A writer’s words grow with them, reminds us of where a writer has wandered and helps the writer to process feelings and thoughts. These words in no way represent all sides to every story, but are a small piece to a very big pie.

The writer does write the truth as she sees it. All feelings, perceptions, actions, stories and representations are an attempt at truth-telling.

If you are offended or encouraged by these words and feel like you would like to discuss things further feel free to utilize my contact page for sending emails.

You, however, are responsible for your own comments and emails. The writer of this blog is not responsible for the thoughts and actions of others interacting on this site. If you are found to be offensive, argumentative or just plain life sucking I, as blog owner, reserve the right to delete comments, emails, or block offensive users.

Please do not reproduce in part or whole any part of this site. All photos and writings are copyrighted. If there is any information contained on this blog that you would like to utilize for your own personal use please ASK first. In the meantime all rights are reserved.

Signed – Jessica K. McGuire

Updated April 2016

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