All the images on this site are the product of my many hours on the path, around the neighborhood, and chilling with nature.

I have added a few links below as my gifts to you*

I will continue to add new images and word art printables monthly so check back…

Feel free to download this free desktop wallpaper by clicking on link:

mary oliver blue sky geese desktop 12801024

Mary Oliver Desktop Wallpaper 1280×1024

You can also download these photos without a calendar for you Facebook Page Cover photo:

seed facebook cover jkmcguireMacro Seed Facebook Page Cover photo

Facebook CoverPhoto JKmcguire single pink petalSingle Blossom Facebook Page Cover Photo

pink blossom facebook page jkmcguirePink Blossoms Facebook Page Cover Photo

Or download this wallpaper for your phone:

bee pink flower iphone5 wallpaperBee Iphone5 Wallpaper

sleeping Bee Iphone wallpaperSleeping Bee Iphone Wallpaper

pink blossom iphone jkmcguire

IPHONE – size 640×960

IPHONE 5 -640×1136

*please do not remove the watermarks from these images.

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