My Story

I am a writer, photographer, and designer based in Baltimore, Md. Married to Mr. Hubby 16 years and mother to five children (13 and under) I have learned – Every time we take a breath… that is a miracle.

I get to live that miracle.

My work is a celebration of that miracle.

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I am a church reject, an Evangelical Christianity drop out, a gratitude chaser, a god hunter… on a wild, outrageous adventure.

You will find me hunting down the small and ordinary: mushrooms, flower petals, dragonflies and more. Sometimes sprawled across the front lawn in my red bathrobe, other times with dew soaking through my tennis shoes. I am seeking to find my authentic self and the world through a brand new lense. What we would normally rush passed or step over I stoop low to uncover, discover, and celebrate.

You will find my family celebrating sunsets and nature’s gifts right along with me.

“Celebration brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong.” (Richard Foster)

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We live in the city of Baltimore where I spend too much time processing words on the front porch. We homeschool with an eclectic blend of many styles and ideas. Mostly we love to read great books, play great games, hike forests and dance in creek beds, and curl up at the end of the day to a great movie. We have a bunch of pets who are named after Harry Potter characters because we love all things Harry Potter, wizards, and in this house we most definitely believe in magic.

I am daily learning what it means to live in the overflow. HOW to live and being ABLE along the way are my biggest life themes right now.

Because every breath is the miracle.




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