The first Sunday in our new house last fall a light thunderstorm rolled through. Suddenly the kids came hollering and stampeding through the front rooms to find us – there was a rainbow in the sky. From our new to us front porch we stood and marveled at the colorful reminder. After years of homeless Sundays… the timing (a Sunday) and the location (The Front Porch) were not lost on me. I do not believe in coincidence. I believe in a God who speaks, shows up, sees, bends low to listen, and offers hope in the midst of all our bleeding, bruised, messy places. SoRead More →

She wrote about her “experience qualifying for the Olympic marathon trials” and I think of her strength often. Kristen, the marathon runner, told this story years ago, but I can not get her thoughts out of my head. Little did she know that by telling her own journey she was helping me find the power in my journey. Like all the good narratives her race helped me uncover pieces of my own story. Because Finding the power in YOUR story is central to your becoming. The Runner tells us about Will – the man who was the pace setter for her race. He set theRead More →

There is a great statement floating around the internet that says, “You don’t have to show up for every argument you are invited to.” That’s a truth I needed to hear right now. There is another wise saying, “You have to learn to pick your battles.” It is like one of those things your grandma used to say – and I’m learning the lessons as I navigate which battles to fight and which battles to leave alone. I have been learning a few lessons on facing giants and picking battles. There is this book I read about giants by Malcolm Gladwell called, “David and Goliath:Read More →

Today the sun is shining and the world is beautiful. It is the perfect day for bringing a baby into the world. There is something about sunshine and all the colors of spring that makes having a baby seem like a natural part of celebrating the season’s change. New life. Resurrection. Fresh skin and brand new everything. My younger brother and my sister-in-love welcomed a baby girl this morning. She is my first niece on my side of the family (he is my only sibling). For the longest time my hubby and I were the only ones making and having babies so it is excitingRead More →

It was during the school day when I was called to the office to take a phone call. I was in 5th grade. My mom asked me one question, I could tell she was tense about something and I didn’t fully understand what she was asking, but I could hear her relief at my answer. An accusation of sexual abuse had been made in the extended family – her first reaction probably after shock and anger was to make sure I was OK. Later I would find out that a member of the family was being accused of raping a child. I believed the victimRead More →

This post is the second part in miniseries about children and church – a fleshing out of where my mind and heart have been wandering lately. You can see that first post: “Out of Sight: Out of Mind” here. I was raised in a couple of different churches during my childhood: different denominations (lest you try to pass off what I am about to tell as one specific group’s issues). In my adulthood I have attended a variety of churches. I won’t name names. If you know me personally you might recognize some of the following scenarios. On the other hand you might not knowRead More →

I wrote this as a status update on my Facebook page a couple of Sundays ago, “I woke up praying for all the kids stuck in the basement of their church while the ‘wise grownups’ get their worship on upstairs.” (you can see that here) This has been on my mind a lot lately – children and church so I wanted to flesh out what it means to be “stuck in the basement” at church – in a culture that promotes: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. A fresh series – church culture out of sight out of mind. Behind the Status Update I awokeRead More →

(I read this great article over the weekend that spoke so closely to my own story that I had to write something. So here is my I am a Christian Good Girl in Recovery tale. You should also check out this article: “Well-Behaved Women Won’t Change the Church”) “Over the years, though, as I started to do some personal healing work and begin to look at the unhealthy patterns in my life, something profound began to shift. I started to tell the truth about my own story. I started to not worry so much about what people thought. I started to advocate for others who couldn’tRead More →

I paced the floor out of breath, the phone to my ear and the poisonous words spilling forth. That deceived tongue was twisted. Even in the moments when the words lay still my ear was pressed tightly to the receiver. Receiving words of judgment masked with Christian care and concern. {A Forked Tongue} That “inner sanctum” of women gathering together in hidden rooms. One minute a prayer haven, the next minute a dream gathering. {Divination} Over coffee and tea, at this house or that retreat room we sought to define the safety of our fellowship, while outside that door others were left behind. They were tooRead More →