Find the Power in Your Story

My name is Jessica and I love stories. From Gondor to the Shire, from Narnia to Aslan’s Country,  journeying from the Valley of Humiliation to the High Places, or singing in the safety of a barnyard in Kansas to being lost in the Land of Oz,

I have a great appreciation for unexpected journeys.

I love the stories that demonstrate the power we have always had to find our way… if we would allow the journey to teach us HOW.

already have the power jkmcguireThere REALLY is No Place Like Home

As a wife of 16 years and mother of five (12 and under) one of my goals is to be intentional about the family we are becoming.

Home is central to my becoming.

Finding the power hidden in my story was central to my journey.

I had to learn about the power I held all along – the difficult way.

Isn’t that how most of us learn?

The hard way…

The truth behind all the great stories that speak to us is that every character has the power they needed to complete the journey well.

Often they had the power they needed all along.

Sometimes it took them a while to learn how to use it.

Or perhaps they needed a few tools to help them uncover what they did not know when they first started off… who they really are.

You hold the power too:

  • to finish the race
  • to climb the mountain
  • to fight the battle
  • to defeat the giant
  • to make it home

You already have everything you need for what lies ahead.

You are not lacking or deficient no matter what you have been told in your past or present.

What you have before you is good enough, what you have inside of you is good enough, and you are good enough to start the journey even if you are barely able to walk.

“You’ve always had the power my dear, You just had to learn it for yourself.” (Glinda the Good Witch, “The Wizard of Oz”)

“You have the power for your story.”

  • You will find a way up and over the mountain…
  • You will discover the way across the sea…
  • You will find that you already hold the keys…
  • You can leap the hurdle…
  • You can climb back out of the ditch…
  • You can walk away…
  • You can let go…
  • You can take up something ugly and make it beautiful…
  • You can learn how to stand up to a giant – with just a sling and some stones.
  • You can click the heels of your ruby slippers and finally arrive HOME.

You can find the way over and under and through if you learn the power you already have inside of you.

Let me help you FIND & USE your “Blue Shoes”

Join the Journey,



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