Free Goal Planning Worksheets

Now that we have stepped fully into the new year are you feeling overwhelmed by 2017 yet? How is the road rising to meet you?

This year I am setting goals and priorities. I am making lists, laying out my needs and wants, and mapping out how I would like the year ahead to go. I am completely aware of all my desires, emotions, and dreams in the present while leaving room for contingencies to the plan because LIFE. It feels good to be super-focused on moving forward in several key life areas.

What about you? How are you feeling? Do you need some help?

Setting Goals and Priorities – New Year’s Edition

I put together a packet of planning and priorities-setting worksheets to help me focus my thoughts, understand my priorities, and establish real goals (plus deadlines) for the New Year. I need this.

Here’s my messy truth: I repeatedly fail when setting goals and accomplishing my plans.

I have three Ebooks in various stages of writing, editing, and planning. But I have yet to be able to push through and publish them publicly. It is frustrating. It is embarrassing. Why do I keep procrastinating on the things I really WANT to do? What is holding me back?

I keep allowing other things to keep me from consistency. Instead I have been consistently avoiding getting real with myself about my default procrastination, plan-avoiding settings.

SAHM Syndrome? Fear? Voices of Trolls?

I know plenty of stay-at-home moms who have set and accomplished amazing goals while wrangling many kids, a home, and life. And while I have several physical limitations which keep me from being at my ideal 100% –

If you know a spoonie hug them, buy them lunch, or offer to deep clean their kitchen because “ouch” we hurt and when we say we are exhausted and in pain – this isn’t a metaphor, it’s our life.

While I have these limitations I do not want them to be the excuse I use for NOT finishing what I know I can do even if it takes me a little bit longer to get it done.

I birthed five babies, survived a Pulmonary Embolism, have a freaking autoimmune disease because my body hates me, plus I can gain weight like it’s my super power.

I can totally rock a few life goals this year!

But I have all the excuses… seriously I have a list.

Excuses? These are the lies we offer ourselves and others when life isn’t going the way we intended. They keep us comfortable. They help us feel better when we procrastinate, fail ourselves or others, or fall short of finishing what we know we are capable of doing.

Also our excuses allow us to continue to deny our toxic defaults and the defaults of those around us. Instead we resort to excuses to justify and explain away the very, real life or relationship choices we consistently make.

Excuses are NOT how I want to define my life. Excuses are deadly defaults. I am attempting to choose healthy, wholeheared life defaults.

I may not be able to control how my body chooses to operate or what kind of day my kids are going to have, or how “Life” sometimes happens whether we like it or not…but I can refuse to simply throw an excuse onto my increasing pile of undone projects, goals, and plans while turning my face away again.

I can refuse to sit and wonder how it could have gone and instead choose to LIVE IT.

Free Goal Planning Worksheets

So I created Free Goal Planning Worksheets. These are 25 pages to help me make plans, set goals, and focus on achieving the life I want to live this year.

These worksheets won’t do the hard work for me. They will help me visualize where I am, what I need to release, and how I want to shape the year in front of me.

Perhaps you need help too?


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Let’s see about making plans and reaching our goals together this year.

Are you with me?



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