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First, you should know I want to live from the overflow of my life. I don’t want to live from the leftovers or the half-eaten or the rarely, barely showing up. I don’t want to be known as the woman who consistently gave from an empty well.

Life is a beautiful, holy mess even when I am not paying attention. And I want to pay attention. I am learning HOW to pay attention.

Living awake – that’s my goal. No more snoozing my way through the details. No more making life choices by the “seat of my pants.” Life is too important to merely get it over with already.

To help me achieve what I really want in life – to live fully awake and alive – I put together a set of goal planning worksheets. I am giving them to you for FREE.

This planner has 25+ pages to help you beyond January. Every month you can focus on where you want to be, set goals, and understand your priorities better.

I am all about visualizing what is in my head onto the page.

How to Use Free Goal Worksheets:

Start by Releasing the year before. Let it go. Sit down for a day or two and think about hangups, missed opportunities, and failures from the year before. Now let them go. Maybe write them all down on this sheet and then burn the page.


Now let’s choose a theme word, phrase, verse, or quote. You can do this at the beginning of your planning or go through the next set of pages by identifying your priorities, sift through the details for repeated themes, and then use the theme(s) for your new year. My theme is FOCUS. Because frankly, I stink at focusing. In past years I have chosen silence, purpose, leaping and more. Choose (or not) what works for you. After choosing my word I then did an acrostic for each letter giving my theme word detailed meaning and depth.


Then we brain dump. “Brain Dump” is when we take all the plans we have been considering, the goals we have set aside or failed to accomplish, the tasks we want to complete, the level of success in a specific life area we want to obtain, and more onto the page. Consider doing a Venn diagram with every single priority area and possible goals, plans, dreams, goals attached. Mine looked like this and I taped the grid sheet onto my brain dump page:

This exercise really helped me to see how many different ways my theme, goals, and priorities intersect and connect with each other. I also was able to start the new year with a clean brain slate. I have everything laid down in front of me. What I would like to accomplish is clear. NOW I have to figure out how to go about this?

– Next, we go through the process of identifying specific priorities according to target areas of our lives: emotional/spiritual, work/career/education/skills, family/friends/relationships, health/fitness/mental health/spiritual health/emotional health, hobbies/creative work, etc.

Identify the areas you hope to grow personally, professionally in the new year. What goals do you have for your family or marriage or just yourself?

Setting Goals – Final Steps – How to Use Free Goal Worksheets

Finally, we get to the worksheets for setting goals. There is no right or wrong way to use these sheets. I have given room for writing because this is what I need. Also, you will not the extra large box for setting a deadline. I list specific steps I want to take to achieve each goal.


And then I go about making intentional choices in the weeks ahead. Some goals I have made only for one month while others have a whole year or six-month focus I will group my goals according to both time-frame and priorities so that I do not lose track of what I would like to achieve and when. I will need to revisit these worksheets as often as necessary to remind myself of what I intended to accomplish and focus on for 2017.

Also, there are monthly sheets to help evaluate where I am and how I did. What kept me from reaching my goals? How did I succeed? Visualize it. Write it out. Then identify the next series of steps for the next month. The next, best, first step is an exciting way to look forward with purpose and hope.

This is how to use free goal worksheets – how are you using them? Let me know. I’d love your feedback.


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